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Sink Pipe


Different Townships in Ontario have different requirements for Plumbing. We are qualified designers to ensure your permit process goes smooth.


septic design

On-Site Septic Design is part of the first step for obtaining your building permit. Many Townships require you have an approved septic permit before allowing you to can obtain a building permit.


Air Conditioner

hvac design

Having a well designed HVAC system is integral to having a comfortable home. Our talented team can ensure you have the right system for your design.


about RDHdesign

RDH design was established in 2016 by Ron Harrison. Ron has over 8 years in the design industry and over 15 years experience in construction. RDH design offers more detailed drawings using 3D visuals to its advantage. This allows for ease in the construction process for more complex designs. By modeling services and structure in 3D it reduces interference errors on site, saving the client time and money.

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Ron Harrison

Lead Designer



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